I arrived in Coimbra. I traveled more than 50 km. There were a few things that I have enjoyed on the way: I crossed some country roads and a family picking grapes asked me if I was hungry. They invited me to eat at their place, but I refused. Not because I was full, but because I did not want to disturb them. I kind of regretted that later. They seemed happy, as they were laughing a lot: the husband, wife, children and their grandparents – a family that reminted me of our Romaninan villages.

Two women who were heading to Fatima stopped me and asked me what I was doing. One of them took my hands in hers and gave me a blessing just to have a good journey. She seemed really proud of me. Atfer that, a driver honked me and shouted “bravo, bravo!”. An old man told me “good evening, Pellegrino”. They made me happy, I have to admit. I saw cats and got into fights with some not so friendly dogs. I appreciate however that they can’t reach be because most of the time there’s a fence between us. Tomorrow I want to see the University.

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