30 km today. On the road to Barcelos, a guy asked me if I have some time to talk to him. He was not a Jehovah’s Witness, as one may expect. He told me he wanted to write a book about the Camino, which he was going to start walking in a few days. I told my stories about El Camino from last year and he gave me the story instead of Bacelos rooster in exchange, which is a symbol of the region. If I made you curious, look for the legend.

In the evening I met two girls who accompanied me for a while. They were pilgrims. At one point, it started pouring, so we stopped at a albergue. I did not want to stay, so I pulled out the rain cape out of the backpack and continued. It was already dark when I knocked on the door of another albergue – there was an old bell actually. On the way to Rio Casas I saw signs announcing accomodation with jacuzzi and pool. And I was thinking ‘Man, how cool would that be!”. A little girl answered the door. She had brought me a little umbrella. I entered the gate and suddenly felt like I was in another world, somewhere behind the walls of a large, imposing fortress. A fortress with a jacuzzi. Last night I was a lord.

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