34 km today. I’ve arrived at an Albergue of pilgrims after I left Casas do Rio, where I had a super breakfast with my hosts, an Australian and a couple of Belgians whom I told about Romania and my concerns related to corruption. I ran well, but the rain has started pouring for a few hours now.

Before getting to the albergue, I came across a beautiful city – Ponte de Lima. At the albergue I met this Dutchman from Amsterdam who moved to Lisbon 6 months ago: Wiland of Zwan (Zwan means swan) – I call him Super Villain. He is 23 years old. He traveled to India, Australia and many other places.

He says that the formal education system is not for him. He quit college and he is now working for a hotel chain that has hostels in Amsterdam. It’s a cool hostel. In Holland it was called “the worst hotel in the world” or something like that. In Lisbon it’s called Has Brinker Hotel. He’s a cool dude, I think we’ll keep in touch.

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