36 km today. I started running later than ever this morning because I couldn’t fall asleep until 4 A.M. and I was too tired. I said goodbye to my good friend, Wilan, at around 3 o’clock. I love this man. He’s brilliant. In the evening I walked in the rain […]

36 km today. I arrived in Tui. That means I officially finished running Portugal – 23 days. It was a brilliant adventure. I love everything that happened and I think I’ve grown as a person. The number of friends certainly increased. It was different from last year adventure in Spain. […]

Only 13 km of running today. I don’t think I could have done more. I went to Porto and I all I can say is that it’s an amazing city. Seriously, I don’t have the inspiration to write more than that. Lame, I know. And I can’t even use the […]

40 km today. I tried to get in Porto yesterday, but I was too tired and fell asleep 12 km away from the city. The weather still helps me. At noon, the sun burns me. The loneliness, however…well, I do talk to cats and dogs. Most of all, I like […]

Another 50 km today. I walked 2 and a half hours in the dark woods. Brrr! I could not find a good place to put the tent and I wanted to run enough today so I could reach Porto tomorrow. I started meeting pilgrims on the way. It was a good day. […]

I visited the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest in the world. At first glance, it looks like an impressive fortress. It reminded me of Hogwarts. Well, in a magical way, it does combine the old with the new. The girls who strolled the corridors were very beautiful. Yeah, that’s […]

I arrived in Coimbra. I traveled more than 50 km. There were a few things that I have enjoyed on the way: I crossed some country roads and a family picking grapes asked me if I was hungry. They invited me to eat at their place, but I refused. Not because […]