I thought I’d take advantage of this adventure and use it to raise some money. I’d really love to donate it to some associations. What will I give in exchange? Photos, video and carefully chosen words, born on the road and sprinkled with humor. I am going to serve them to you here on the blog and on my Facebook page, seasoned with a light request to donate. Let me introduce you to the causes I have chosen to support:

P.A.V.E.L. is the association that fights for children with cancer, a NGO founded on 10 May 1996 that aims to improve the lives of children and young people with cancer and leukemia by providing emotional support, information, psychological, social and material help for children, sick young people and their families. We can do something to improve the living conditions and treatment for these children.

Agent Green is a non-governmental organization for environmental protection in Romania, established in 2009, which aims to preserve biodiversity and, given my love for nature… choosing Agent Green as a cause to support came naturally. The investigations they make are emblematic and truth revealing. Agent Green is struggling to combat illegal logging and wishes to save the last pristine forests and national parks.

Romanian Alliance for Suicide Prevention aims at creating a synergy platform, that enables the exchange of experience between its volunteer members, ranging from specialized medical staff, institutions and organizations interested and relevant to this field. The scope of action is promoting and maintaining the quality of life by implementing programs and activities in the field of suicide prevention. I personally know some people who were faced with this problem and I want to make it clear that no one is alone in his battle with depression, although this disease makes you think so. Death by suicide is the only death that can be prevented. People must learn to ask for help and we must stick together and provide it, because together we are stronger.

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Thank you for your time! Stay healthy and be grateful for everything you have! 🙂